“A leading, global association of wholesale financial market professionals, contributing to market development through education, market practices, technical advice and networking events.”

ACI is a leading non-profit, non-political association of wholesale financial market professionals. Members of ACI are in large part engaged in professional trading, broking, operations, regulatory and compliance activities in foreign exchange, money fixed income and derivatives markets.

ACI was founded in Paris in 1955 as Association Cambiste Internationale and has a proud and illustrious history of involvement in helping its membership through various market interactions. ACI currently counts some 13,000 international members from more than 60 countries, with growing interest globally.

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March 2019

ELAC Portal and The Model Code

The ACI FMA Model Code eLearning and Certification Portal (ELAC) is a new, state of the art continuous learning portal that helps market professionals keep up-to-date with The Model Code and the latest ethical behaviours in financial markets. A key element of ACI’s Education strategy and suite of learning tools and professional qualifications, ELAC offers employers and individual market practitioners in the financial sector a high-quality accredited continuous professional development solution – helping the industry reclaim professional standards in ethical conduct in a sustainable manner.

With the support of the ACI member network, and engagement with our industry, we offer a solution that empowers employers to provide and demonstrate the concrete steps they are taking to ensure that all of their staff are educated continuously to the highest ethical standards of conduct. ELAC provides assurance that all staff engaged in financial markets transactions (front, middle and back office) are aware of current best practice and fully understand their individual responsibilities and obligations.

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Committee for Professionalism

The ACI Committee for Professionalism (CFP) engages with the ACI membership to debate challenging issues of the day. The Model Code, which has existed for many years and is seen as the global standard for such codes, is designed and written by the ACI CFP. Additionally, the CFP offers guidance to professionals involved in conduct-related disputes and offers suggestions for resolution. The Chair of the ACI CFP may be called as an expert witness in dispute resolution fora.

The CFP advises the ACI Executive Board on all decisions concerning guidelines, both technical and ethical, and also on professional activities of ACI members. These guidelines comprise The Model Code. The CFP formulates and proposes policies and guidelines establishing educational and professional standards for members of ACI and also publishes reports relating to specific market issues e.g. risk management and crisis management.

ACI Working Groups

In addition to the Board of Education and Committee for Professionalism, ACI FMA has a number of formal, industry-focused working groups. These non-partisan groups bring together market specialists to discuss and make recommendations on key industry topics such as regulation, treasury and ALM activity, money market liquidity and so on.

ACI FMA Working Groups

  • Regulatory Working Group
  • FX Committee (FXC)
  • Derivatives Working Group
  • Market and Liquidity Working Group
  • EURIBOR Working Group
  • ACI Market Experts Committee