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Welcome to ACI UK

Few industries are as large, as important and offer such diverse and rewarding career paths as the FX and Money Markets. Helping people to understand them is what ACI UK does.

At ACI UK we are passionate about promoting the highest standards of professionalism in the industry and about providing those people who work in it, as well as those who are thinking of having a career in it, with everything they need to be successful and make the right choices. We’re a RESOURCE, a REFERENCE and a NETWORK.

Founded in the 1950s, almost 70 years on the values and tenets upon which the ACI UK was formed remain as relevant as they’ve ever been.

To INFORM – ACI brings diverse perspectives together to share market insight and shape best practice.

To EDUCATE – ACI UK raises awareness, provides globally-recognised professional qualifications and helps make industry codes of conduct principles practical.

To REPRESENT – ACI UK uses its platform to speak up for, promote and advance the cultural changes we still need to achieve.

At its heart though the ACI UK is, and has always been, a COMMUNITY – one that champions professional excellence and personal integrity, and provides career support and connectivity, for people at every stage of their working life.

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