ACI Education

ACI Education Objectives

ACI education is structured to enable an individual to first attain and then maintain the highest standards of professional competence and conduct.

ACI Professional Qualifications

ACI’s professional qualifications provide individuals the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the FX and Money Markets and secure globally recognised, portable, professional qualifications. They enhance career prospects, improve job performance and set benchmarks within the industry.

ACI Codes of Conduct Attestation and Ongoing Learning Solutions

ACI’s qualifications are complemented by code of conduct e-learning solutions that test and challenge a person’s understanding and ability to apply code of conduct principles to real world scenarios.

For individuals ACIFMA has adapted its FX Global Code Certificate to create an online version too. Taken at home and not in an independent test environment it offers a person the opportunity to personally demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the FX Global Code.

For institutions ACI has created an e-learning code of conduct platform called ELAC. Web-based so requiring no technical infrastructure to implement, ELAC is used by central banks, financial institutions, asset managers and corporates worldwide to introduce a code of conduct continuing professional development solution to their business. As a result, ELAC helps embed ethical behavioural changes and enable institutions to attest that their employees practically understand the industry and how to interpret code principles.

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