ACI’s Education Programme

“The wholesale financial markets are dynamic and fast changing. These conditions demand qualified, highly professional people with wide-ranging market skills and knowledge.”

As the largest international professional body for dealers and back office personnel in the wholesale financial markets, with membership in over 60 countries, ACI is committed to providing globally acknowledged, portable, professional qualifications and educational opportunities that enhance career prospects, improve job performance and set benchmarks of professionalism for the industry.

In today’s markets, it is particularly relevant for market participants to be able to qualify their professionalism and adherence to industry best practice through appropriate ACI Certificates and Diplomas, including the new Global Code Certificate. It is equally important that employers recognise ACI qualifications as a quality indicator of market knowledge and through the ACI Board of Education we are working hard to establish the ACI suite of qualifications as an essential element in the training and professional development of all staff working for institutions and firms engaged in financial markets activities.

ACI UK has been making this vision real for hundreds of financial markets professionals for two decades. Complementing our professional examinations in the UK are a breadth of formal and informal education options including the enormously successful and globally acknowledged ACI Dealing Simulation Course

ACI FMA eLearning and Certification 

The ELAC Portal provides employers and individual market practitioners in the financial sector with a high-quality, accredited continuing professional development solution, helping the industry reclaim professional standards in ethical conduct in a sustainable manner.

ACI communicates regularly with a wide range of national Regulators on the education and training of market participants. ACI also works closely with regulatory bodies in a number of countries to ensure that market standards, ACI’s examinations and regulatory requirements are aligned on common ground.

ACI Exam Suite

ACI’s suite of specialised examinations cover Foreign Exchange, Money Markets, Derivatives, Repos, Risk Management for front, middle and back-office staff.

All ACI examinations are delivered electronically through a global network of Test Centres.

Select the links to the right to find out more about current ACI Certificates and Diplomas. To discuss how to incorporate ACI qualifications within your organisation’s training and continuing professional development programmes contact ACI UK Education lead, Ashley Daffin.

Exam preparation opportunities are delivered by third parties including training companies and business schools.  Study packs and reference books are also available to help you prepare for and pass your exams.

In the UK the following companies and trainers deliver ACI Examination courses:

Bob Steiner, Markets International:

Spencer Morris:


ACI UK takes no responsibility for the performance of any of the training companies mentioned on its website, and, as a matter of policy, does not offer accreditation to any companies that act as a supplier to the Association or its members.

CPD Accreditation

ACI UK recognises that employers and institutions are increasingly adopting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a structured approach to learning to retain key staff, and develop skills and knowledge within their organisation. Through our membership of The CPD Certification Service ACI UK complements these programmes.

Established in 1996 as an independent CPD accreditation authority, The CPD Certification Service supports the CPD policies of professional bodies, associations and academic institutions across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Both our examinations and our broader educational and professional events (from seminars to workshops, training courses, conferences and structured events) are independently reviewed and accredited enabling individuals to take advantage of all the ACI UK’s educational programme to meet their CPD requirements.”

To learn more about ACI’s education, continuing professional development and e-learning services and products, please contact Ashley Daffin, ACI UK’s Education lead.

ACI’s Board of Education

“Promoting the highest global standards of professionalism, competence and ethics in activities and products in financial markets through ongoing educational programmes and examinations.”

The ACI Board of Education (BOE) is responsible for, and advises ACI’s Executive Board on, all decisions concerning formal education within ACI that is of an international nature. It proposes an ongoing strategy, defines the format and content, and also implements a marketing and communication policy for ACI’s global education and examination programme.

Supporting BOE is the Market Experts Committee (MEC) which acts as the gateway between ACI market practitioners and the ACI education programme and contributes considerable market expertise and advice to the Board on the latest developments in global financial markets which should be reflected in examinations and qualifications.

ACI Global Code Certificate
ACI Dealing Certificate
ACI Operations Certificate
ACI Diploma