Who are we

What we do

The ACI UK is:

– A community for Foreign Exchange (FX) and Money Markets professionals;


– A place where those not directly involved in these markets can come to find out more about them.

We’re a resource, a reference and a network for people working in, considering a career in, or simply just generally interested in the FX and Money Markets to come to learn more, connect and share. 


What makes us different

Our focus is entirely on people. From thinking of a career in FX and money markets or just wanting to know more about these products, through to supporting those in the industry at every stage of their career to grow and stay relevant as professionals ACI UK is dedicated to providing the insight, resources and qualifications needed to help people make well informed decisions and be successful.

Our efforts are aligned around three pillars – Inform, Educate, and Represent.


The purpose of Inform is to influence industry behaviour and market practice by playing a leading role in providing insight and thought leadership around topical subjects and issues. 

Through the provision of expert FX and money market insight and the interpretation of market practices, our activities are designed to be applied and embedded by FX and Money Market individuals and institutions in the real world. 


Our Educate objective is to provide those interested in entering the FX and Money Markets with all the insight and guidance they need to make an informed choice and then provide those that do make that decision with industry-recognised formal learning opportunities to build and advance their careers.


And our Represent pillar is a recognition that we’re not employees first we’re people. Real life has its highs and lows – sometimes we’re in a good place and want to give back, other times we need extra support. Similarly, our work environment is often a reflection of our broader society.  

For ACI UK that means making ourselves available to support those that need it. It means using our platform and voice to support the sorts of cutlural change we still need to see. And it means organising charitable fund raising events that generate much needed funds for those less fortunate than ourselves.