ELAC – ACI’s Code of Conduct learning solution

What is ELAC?

ELAC stands for E-Learning, Attestation and Certification and is the ACIFMA online Codes of Conduct Portal.

ELAC provides insititutions the ability to:

– Provide ongoing, updated TRAINING on codes of conduct and best market practices to their employees in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner; and

– Provide clear EVIDENCE of the provision of relevant, meaningful conduct and best market practice learning of employees to regulators, supervisors, stakeholders and clients.

Who is ELAC designed for?

ELAC is designed for use by the employees of and compliance teams of all institutions for whom the content of the FX Global Code, UK Money Markets Code and/or Global Precious Metals Code are meaningful and relevant.

That includes central banks, financial institutions, asset managers and corporates worldwide. In fact ELAC is used by all of these entity types today to provide a cost-effective code of conduct and best market practice continuing professional development solution to their business.

Why use ELAC?

ELAC simply and effectively helps embed ethical behavioural changes and enable institutions to attest and provide evidence that their employees practically understand the industry, its best market practices and how to interpret code principles.

ELAC training promotes the highest global standards of professionalism, competence and ethical conduct in financial markets.