ELAC Benefits

ELAC enables institutions to demonstrate the concrete steps they are taking to ensure that their employees are educated to the highest ethical standards of conduct, and that they understand their individual obligations.

Benefits for Central Banks & Regulators

Removes “constructive ambiguity” and assists industry directly by reinforcing common global standards, long recognised as adding value to the education and professionalisation of wholesale financial markets participants.


Benefits for Institutions

Monitor, measure and maintain adherence to industry standards; demonstrate ‘Code compliance’ to relevant competent authorities as required.


Benefits for Individual Market Participants

Individual market participants can use the Personal Accreditation Rating (PAR) tool to demonstrate understanding and attest to adherence, sharing expertise and promoting professionalism to colleagues, clients and supervisors.


Universal Benefits

Supervisory Evidence

Effective solution for Compliance and HR teams for in-house training and evidencing ethical conduct and good market practice learning to regularors and supervisors.

Web Based

No technical onboarding challenges.

Global Reach

Deliverable to all staff.

Highly Configurable

To meet each institutions personal attestation and learning requirements.

One Price for all Codes

Included in the fee paid is access to the content for all three major Codes of Conduct should access be desired.

Quality Assurance

All content is created and reviewed by the ACIFMA global committees for education and market professionalism – committees comprised on senior market participants from all around the world.