ACI Professional Qualifications

ACI’s professional qualifications provide individuals the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the FX and Money Markets and secure globally recognised, portable, professional qualifications.

They enhance career prospects, improve job performance and set benchmarks within the industry.

The qualification structure is straight forward and designed into two tiers.

ACI’s three Certificate level qualifications are designed to benefit individuals in their early years working in the industry. There are:

– The ACI Dealing Certificate (focused on trade execution considerations);

– The ACI Operations Certificate (focused on pre- and post-trade considerations); and

– The ACI FX Global Code Certificate (focused on testing a person’s understanding of the Code’s principles).

The ACI Diploma is a more advanced qualification to the Certificates. It tests a person’s knowledge of the topics covered in the Certificates at a deeper level and is ideal for people with five to fifteen years of industry experience – often individuals starting to move up within their organisation into team leader and managerial roles.

Candidates do not need to be a member of an ACI national association however may benefit from reduced exam and study fees if they are.

Candidates who pass any of the above four exams in the UK and who are not already ACI UK members become entitled to one year’s membership for free.