ACI FX Global Code Certificate

What you learn

The ACI FX Global Code Certificate Exam is designed to provide candidates with the ability to attest that they have a comprehensive understanding of the FX Global Code, the industry’s common set of principles and guidelines that promote the integrity and effective functioning of the wholesale foreign exchange market.


Who will benefit from taking it

Taking the ACI FX Global Code Certificate is beneficial to everyone by virtue of the Code itself being universal in its scope.

The Certificate represents an excellent, proactive action by a candidate to  to demonstrate their personal knowledge of, and adherence to, the FX Global Code’s principles to relevant competent authorities and is a potential differentiator in respect of ‘Code compliance’ and career development.



The syllabus is split into seven sections, mirroring the Introduction and six main sections of the Code itself.

     – Introduction

     – Ethics

     – Governance

     – Execution

     – Information Sharing

     – Risk Management & Compliance

     – Confirmation & Settlement

The full detailed syllabus, together with the exam format and structure, may be found here.


Exam Format & Structure

The examination lasts ONE HOUR and comprises 40 MULTI-CHOICE QUESTIONS. Each question has four possible answers.

Overall Pass grades are as follows:

     75%     Pass

     85%     Pass with Merit

     95%+   Pass with Distinction

There is no minimum pass score per section for this exam nor are there any calculation questions.

The Exam Sections mirror the Introduction and main sections of the FX Global Code and the number of questions per section are:

     2           Introduction

     2           Ethics (Principles 1 – 3)

     6           Governance (Principles 4 – 7)

     8           Execution (Principles 8 – 18)

     6           Information Sharing (Principles 19 – 23)

     8           Risk Management & Compliance (Principles 24 – 41)

     8           Confirmation & Settlement (Principles 42 – 55)


Exam Sample Questions

Sample questions for the ACI FX Global Code Certificate may be found here.


Exam Period of Validity

The validity of the ACI FX Global Code exam is ONE YEAR.

Candidates who have successfully passed the exam before pay a reduced exam fee to resit the exam.