Honouring the International Women’s Day (8 March) theme, #choosetochallenge2021, ACI UK talks to Carolina Trujillo, Head of e-FX distribution at SEB, about her experience of workplace diversity having lived, studied and worked in multiple geographies. In this short video, she talks to Noel Singh, ACI UK Executive Committee member, about the differences in approach to recruiting into financial markets roles in Sweden, UK and US; banks’ focus on achieving greater diversity across the board (front to back office, technology roles etc), the importance of the right recruitment policy and process to meet diversity objectives; diversity training in management teams; dedicated Swedish education initiatives to inspire more young women to pursue technology careers (already resulting in more female applicants for these roles); cultural differences – less pay disparity and free state childcare in Sweden creating more level professional playing field; value of employee mentoring programmes and what more our industry can be doing to attract more diverse applicants into the financial markets environment.

Carolina joined SEB in 2010, and is responsible for e-FX sales, e-FX support and client-facing FX product development. Prior to that she worked at EBS and ICAP (London and New York) heading Latin American sales for the EBS platform.

Check it out at the link. https://youtu.be/kFKLdXE3Jl4