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  • Intensive, hands-on, 5-day residential course – one of a kind
  • Fastest, most interactive, way to understand roles, relationships and trading dynamics in Foreign Exchange (and OTC) markets
  • Guided by market practitioners, undertake roles of Chief Dealer, Trader, Broker and Client in hands-on, event-driven, simulated trading environment
  • Learn from industry experts about current (and future) markets regulation, strategies, principles, conduct and compliance

One of a kind Course for individuals in front, middle and back office roles and in risk, regulatory and compliance positions seeking a comprehensive introduction to the dynamics and relationships of these markets.

Whether you want to improve your understanding of your work environment, further your career in FX/OTC financial markets or support continuing professional development plans with an accredited learning experience (CPD credits*), this unique Course will deliver an unparalleled insight into the interaction between traders, sales, brokers, prime brokers, customers, middle and back offices, risk, legal and compliance teams and regulators throughout the transaction life-cycle.

*Accredited by The CPD Certification Service for Continuing Professional Development credits.

More about the Course
Run over 5 days as a residential course, delegates learn the role of a Chief Dealer, Prop Trader and Broker in intensive, hands on ‘trading sessions’ in a simulated dealing environment, with regular lectures and presentations providing insight into regulation, new FX Code of Conduct principles and obligations, technical analysis, risk management, trading psychology, trading relationships, clearing, prime brokerage and other subjects relevant to today’s FX and OTC financial markets.

Course run in accordance with the FX Global Code and ACI Market Practice Guidelines for best practice, integrity and professionalism in FX/OTC trading.

Use electronic broking and pricing technologies to ‘trade’ with ‘counterparties’ representing banks, hedge funds, corporates, asset management and Central Banks, reacting to news, economic headlines and other announcements generated by a ‘real-time’ scrolling news service.

Delegates work in teams for the duration of the Course, encouraging team work, relationship building and a genuinely competitive and exciting trading experience.

All delegates sit an exam at the end of the Course and receive a tailored Performance Report highlighting key strengths and overall commitment to the programme.  This offers invaluable insight into a delegate’s understanding of the markets in which they operate and how well they work in a team ithin in a highly pressured and challenging environment. (NB Sponsoring employers also receive this information).

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the Course, delegates will have gained a thorough understanding of:

•  Role of dealers, sales desks, brokers, prime brokers and clients
•  Current and evolving regulation, compliance and conduct obligations
•  Methods and psychologies of trading
•  Risk management strategies
•  Role of Central Banks
•  Technical analysis

There is an exam at the end of the course and every delegate receives a personalised performance report that highlights each delegate’s strengths and overall commitment to the Course, providing invaluable insight into their style of trading as well as how they work as part of a team in a pressured and challenging environment.




Who should take this Course?
Run in association with ACI Australia, the ACI UK DSC is highly recommended for individuals wishing to establish – or to further develop – a career in FX/OTC financial markets including:

•  New entrants to FX/OTC dealing environment
•  Junior traders
•  Sales staff
•  Operations personnel
•  Regulatory and compliance officers
•  Middle-office teams
•  Brokers – and other employees of broking firms
•  Funds management personnel
•  Corporate treasury personnel

The ACI FX Dealing Simulation Course has been run successfully around the world for over two decades including Australia, Bahrain, Denmark, Hungary, Kuwait, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, UK and USA.

What previous Course attendees say:
“Excellent course.  I learned more about trading in the space of the week than over a couple of years.”

“As a product manager responsible for the full trade workflow, I found all of the course topics engaging and relevant.  The mixture of historical background and future direction felt balanced.  I just wish I could have taken the course earlier in my career.”

“The course content was excellent and well put together.  Extremely relevant to my role in client services. The course helped to reinforce my understanding of the nature of the business and reason for the emotions of the teams.

“Very well rounded course and learned much during the actual simulations.  I liked the guest speakers too.  I work in a different area but it is highly applicable to my role as I now understand the front end more and am more in touch with clients I deal with.  I appreciated the sometimes aggressive nature of the teachers who were showing us how it really is in a non-glorified way.”

“I really, really recommend that everyone working in the FX space should do this course at some point. It’s not easy – we were doing a face-to-face dealing session in the bar at midnight and then were woken up at 4:30am to trade because of an event in Asia– but I was amazed at the speed in which I learned.”

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