Minutes of ACI UK AGM held 17 November 2020

  1. Welcome & Housekeeping

David Clark, Honorary President, ACI UK opened the meeting and declared it conditionally quorate for the purposes of conducting the business of the Annual General Meeting.

It was noted the meeting was a couple of people short of quorate – understandable due to COVID. For this reason it was agreed Oliver Madden and Tina Kane would approach selected members to share details of the meeting for the purposes of satisfying a quorum post-meeting.


  1. Election of ACI UK Executive Committee

The following nominees, duly proposed and seconded, were ratified by the unanimous assent of members at the Annual General Meeting and were duly elected to the ACI Executive Committee,

Andy Green, Vice President and committee members Ashley Daffin, Darryl Hooker and Tina Kane announced that they would not be seeking re-election to the Executive Committee for 2020/2021.  All four were thanked at the AGM for their effort and achievement over many years supporting and promoting ACI.



President – Oliver Madden

Vice President – No nomination

Treasurer – Steven Singer


Clare-Louise Cotter Kate Hudson Anne-Maria Rothenstein
Sonia Gianasi Katharine Leaman Noel Singh
Alexander Gilmour Gavin Marcus Gavin Wells
Allan Guild Sharma Rambocus David Woolcock
David Hastings Jeffery Roberts


  1. Motions to AGM

No motions were submitted to the AGM.


  1. Financial Statement

The Financial Statement as at 31 December 2019 was presented by the Treasurer to the AGM and approved with the unanimous assent of members present.


  1. President’s Address

Oliver Madden made a short presentation welcoming new Committee members and outlining the work of the Committee in 2020, selected highlights and the focus of the Committee going into 2021.


  1. Any Other Business

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.