Dear ACI UK Members,

The ACI UK AGM will be a virtual meeting this coming Wednesday 10th November. The event link will open at 5.45pm for a 6.00pm meeting start.

The AGM meeting details are as follows. Looking forward to you joining us.

Kind regards,

Oliver Madden, ACI UK President

ACI UK AGM Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 547 228 3170
Passcode: 260873


  1. Welcome & Housekeeping (6:00)
  2. Election of ACI UK Executive Committee (6:15)
  3. Motions to AGM (6:30)
  4. Financial Statement (6:35)
  5. President’s Address (6:40)
  6. Any Other Business (6:55)
  7. Close (7:00)

Committee Officers Standing for Re-Election

Oliver Madden President
Steve Singer Treasurer

Committee Members Standing for Re-Election

Hayley Brooks Allan Guild Noel Singh
Sonia Gianasi David Hastings Gavin Wells
Alex Gilmour Jeff Roberts David Woolcock

Committee Members Standing for Election as a Committee Officer

Katharine Leaman Vice President

New Committee Members for Election

Matthew Chessum Sam Horowitz Frankie Sutcliffe

Committee Members Standing Down

Clare-Louise Cotter Anne-Maria Rothenstein

Committee Members Who Stood Down During The Year

Kate Hudson Gavin Marcus Sharma Rambocus