DATE: 29 April 2021   TIME: 12:30-13:30  LOCATION: ZOOM MEETING (link provided to confirmed attendees).
“To manage your mental wellbeing, strengthen your resilience and to be yourself,
you need to focus on the environments you experience in your daily lives.”
We are delighted to invite you to hear from Jonathan Phelan, founder of A motivational speaker, trainer, coach and author, Jonathan set up the Evenhood Organisation after experiencing a significant personal event that provided first hand insight into the stigma surrounding – and lack of available support  for – those struggling with mental welbeing.

“Be A More Resilient You’ challenges the belief that mental wellbeing is all about your mind and that when things go wrong, the solution lies only in science, medicine and therapy. Mental wellbeing is also affected significantly by environment: In the right environment you feel comfortable and do well; in more challenging environments you may struggle. Thinking about your mental wellbeing in this different way can open up a new world of possibilities to bring about lasting change.

In this lunchtime event, Jonathan will provide straightforward, practical and effective advice on the steps you can take to identify situations you may face in daily life that have the biggest impact on your wellbeing, with tools and techniques to strengthen your resilience and support your own wellbeing plan.

“When we live in evenhood, we show kindness, respect, compassion and understanding. We care for each other as equals; we offer support; We listen non-judgementally and we encourage others to be themselves.” 
To register for a place at this event (places are limited and priority will be given to ACI UK Members) click here.

Evenhood is not a registered charity. Much of Jonathan’s work – including practical guides and templates – can be read online for free.  He also supplies copies of his books free of charge to schools and universtities. To support  Evenhood’s aims and enable Jonathan to continue his fantastic work – including the production of books, guides and other valuable resources – participants can make a voluntary donation here.