Outcome of  ACI UK Annual General Meeting held on 17 October 2018.

Election of ACI UK Officers and Committee

National Association Officers: Sue Attwood – President (re-elected).  Alan Clarke – Vice President (elected).   Steven Singer – Treasurer (re-elected).

Executive Committee

Re-elected:  Alex Gilmour, Andy Green, Tina Kane, Vince O’Sullivan, Oliver Madden

Elected (new to the Committee): Clare-Louise Cotter, Ashley Daffin, Jonathan Healey and Noel Singh. (Ashley Daffin will assume ACI UK Education responsibilities undertaken previously by Oliver Madden).

ACI UK extends its gratitude to John Estrada and Glyn Harrington who stepped down from the Executive Committee at the AGM.

Financial Statement 

The audited Financial Statement for ACI UK for the year to December 31 2017 was adopted formally.

Our thanks to David Clark, Honorary Chairman, ACI UK for managing the  business of the 2018 Annual General Meeting.  A more detailed report to follow.  If you have any questions, contact tina.kane@aci-uk.com