in the first of what we hope will be a regular feature, we talk to Russ Leiter and Jack Stroud, founders of specialist recruitment firm Summit Search Group, about recruitment /employment trends and challenges in the year of Covid.  

In 3 (short) video conversations, we consider the impact of the global pandemic on traditional recruitment and employment processes, look at current and emerging employment trends and talk about the value of upskilling/reskilling to keep pace with market evolution.

Video #1
– ‘Remote’ recruitment and onboarding
– Opportunities – new entrants to industry veterans
– Supporting individuals to navigate ‘new normal’

Video #2
– ‘Return to Work’ programmes
– Value of mentoring
– Continuing professional development
– Broadening career horizons

Video #3
– Upskilling/reskilling trends
– Diversity & inclusion
– Adapting to technology-driven change
– Recruitment trends

Click on the links to view these videos.  Follow the ACI UK You Tube channel to see these and other ACI UK/ACI FMA content.  

Enormous thanks to Russ, Jack and Summit Search Group.  Please contact Summit directly for support and advice on recruitment/employment matters.
+44 (0) 203 854 1212

Let ACI UK know what you would like us/Summit to cover in our next video conversation(s) (expected January 2021).