ACI’s innovative continuing learning and development portal monitors and measures adherence to multiple internal, national and global codes of conduct, including the Global Code of Conduct.  An effective complement to the ACI FX Global Code Certificate, ELAC enables individuals and organisations to keep abreast of changes and developments in the Global Code (and other national and jurisdictional Codes) and to demonstrate adherence to the Global Code on a continuing basis.

Highly configurable, ELAC can be tailored at organisation, team and individual levels to support specific attestation requirements. In addition to the Global Code, ELAC supports multiple national and jurisdictional Codes of Conduct, for example the new UK Money Markets and Precious Metals Codes, and can also incorporate an organisation’s own internal code of conduct.  ELAC content modules can also be integrated fully within internal Learning Management Systems.

To find out how ELAC can support your organisation’s Conduct adherence and attestation requirements and to organise a demonstration, contact:

Ashley Daffin – ACI UK 

Tel: +44 (0) 7780 432 790

Alan Clarke – ACI UK