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About Refinitiv

Serving more than 40,000 institutions in over 190 countries, Refinitiv provides information, insights and technology that drive innovation and performance in global financial markets. Our heritage of integrity enables our customers to make critical decisions with confidence while our best-in-class data and cutting-edge technologies enable greater opportunity.

We enable the financial community to trade smarter and faster, overcome regulatory challenges, and scale intelligently.

About STA

The Society of Technical Analysts (STA) is recognised worldwide as one of the largest and most widely respected not-for-profit organisations which trains and accredits members of the investment community, from industry professionals to private individuals, interested in the study of technical analysis. We have been setting the standards in technical analysis for 50 years and have been teaching at several UK universities such as LSE, King’s College, Queen Mary etc. for 25 years.

Acknowledged as an increasingly important part of most investment house activity technical analysis helps forecast the direction of financial market prices. Its methodology can be applied in any market and its techniques applied to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, currencies, commodities, bonds, interest rates and equities. Over the past 50 years we have dedicated ourselves to the promotion and understanding of technical analysis and its role as a vital investment tool.