In the run up to the 2020 ACI UK Annual General Meeting we are very excited to be sharing a serialisation of the history of ACI Financial Markets Association .  Recorded in conversation between ACI UK President, Oliver Madden and David Clark, Honorary President of  ACI UK and ACI International, it’s a fascinating insight into our industry Association and a reminder of its acknowledged and continuing contribution to the advancement and realisation of fair, effective and ethical financial markets and profound influence on industry conduct and best practice.

Amongst a very long list of David’s achievements in a highly distinguished career, David is, it must be said, an ACI ‘lifer’ – being active in its formation and from then to now, an active supporter and proponent of ACI globally.  In this context, David was himself Global President of ACI from 1992 to 1995 and remains Honorary President of both ACI FMA and ACI UK.  We are enormously grateful to David for his recollections, anecdotes and continuing commitment to ACI and our industry.

This series of short videos covers:
– how and why ACI FMA was formed;
– its contributions to advancing the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour over the years; and
– why its role and function is as valuable and relevant today as it at inception some 65 years ago.