ACI UK Square Mile Debate 4 May 2016

Subject:  Europe – Should we Stay or Should We Go?

On 4 May 2016, a packed house took part in the first ACI UK Square Mile Debate of the year on the topical and contentious subject of Brexit.  Hosted at Portcullis House, the House of Commons annexe in Westminster, the Debate brought together political and financial industry commentators to speak for and against the UK leaving the European Union.  (Photos to follow)

In a show of hands of ACI members and guests at the start of the Debate, the vote was narrowly in favour of remaining in the Union, mirroring the ‘live’ poll on the ACI UK website.   On 4 May, this indicated that on a personal level, 50% of those polled want to stay in the EU, 45% want to leave and 5% are undecided.   In respect of whether staying or leaving would be better for the City and financial markets sector, the poll showed 53% wanted to stay and 43% wanted to leave.   NB The online poll will remain live until June 23rd.

Each panellist gave a short and impassioned speech in support of the Remain and Exit camps before answering questions from a packed house of ACI members and guests.  The Remain and Exit camps presented emphatic arguments about the potential benefit/impact of a Brexit on the economy, trade agreements, migration and regulation and, mirroring the broader public debate,  made compelling arguments for both positions.

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ACI UK would like to thank the offices of the Rt Hon John Redwood MP and Variety – the Children’s Charity for sourcing the venue, and Mr Redwood, David Buik, Ruth Lea, Brendan Bradley and Tim Skeet for their participation in this event.   The next Square Mile Debate is expected to be in September 2016 on the subject of Compliance, Conduct and the new Global Code.