100+ ACI UK members, guests and supporters enjoyed a fabulous evening at the Wildside Bar (rooftop) for the ACI UK 2019 Summer Reception.  With its panoramic views over the City of London – and the’weatherproof’ rooftop space – this great venue was an ideal location for the ACI UK community to get together.   The event also gave our community the opportunity to pay tribute to Sue Attwood, ACI UK President, who has announced that she will be stepping down from her ACI UK role at the next Annual General Meeting (11 November 2019).   David Clark, ACI’s Honorary President (and honorary global President of ACI Financial Markets Association), honuored Sue with his tribute and included the many accolades that had been received praising Sue’s long term commitment to ACI and her consummate professionalism, and integrity.  Sue was lauded particularly for her significant charity fund raising efforts over many years, that have enabled ACI UK to fund the purchase of 56 (hopefully soon to be 57) Variety Sunshine Coaches.

Thank you to everybody who joined ACI UK on 3 September – it was a very good event, enjoyed by all.