On 16 June, ACI UK joined the world of Zoom with its first e-QUIZ . Run as always by QuizQuizQuiz and our fabulous Quizmaster, Lesley Brewis, this event brought together 20 teams representing the spectrum of financial markets participants. The event was in aid of Variety UK – ACI UK’s chosen charity.  Your donations will contribute to our annual fund raising target.  Feedback from all participants was hugely positive, even with some necessary e-administration at the beginning.

The overall winner of what was a pretty challenging Quiz was Taxing Times with an astonishing 93% of questions answered correctly, with Hoares Bank 1 and The Cocktail Hour in 2nd and 3rd places respectively. The event also provided some very amusing and topical team names.  Particular favourites in a strong field were Nerd Immunity and Quarantina Turner .  Full event scoreboard here.

Thank you to all that took part and gave generously to support Variety UK.  We will advise total funds raised at this event in due course.  

ACI UK and Variety UK
Variety UK has been ACI UK’s chosen charity for over 20 years, and your generous support has enabled us to present 57 Sunshine Coaches to various schools and organisations in the UK. The Covid pandemic and national lockdown has inevitably impacted Variety’s traditional fund raising activities, including our own Annual Charity Golf Day slated originally for 10 July.  (Now 28 September).Variety UK is funded solely through donations; however, its ability to support the many, many children in the UK that need specialist  – and often lifechanging – equipment, transporation and other services is severely impacted by current circumstances. We hope to be able to continue our 20+ year Charity Golf Day tradition later in the year, but in the meantime, would ask our members, supporters and friends to consider making a donation to Variety UK to ensure that they can continue with their great work.